Classroom Programs from the Asombro Institute for Science Education


Asombro Anywhere Lessons

These lessons are available to any educator anywhere. They can be downloaded and taught with very little to purchase and prepare.

Are You This Cow’s Herd? - 3rd
Grade Lesson
NGSS 3-LS3-1
Phenomenon: Can traits of different types
of cows be used to reunite a lost cow with
her herd?
     Solving the Beef
Solving the Beef - Game for Ages 12+
Phenomenon: This competitive game
encourages players to think broadly,
innovatively, and creatively to complex
real-world problems in agriculture.
Screen shot of gameGet Out and Graze - 6th to 9th Grade Lesson
NGSS MS-LS2-1 and HS-ESS3-1
Phenomenon: How does reduced forage availability
due to climate change affect two different cattle


Asombro Taught Lessons

These lessons are taught by Asombro staff and are available to any educator within an 80-mile radius of Las Cruces, New Mexico for a minimal fee.*

Cows and Calves

Cows and Calves - 1st Grade Lesson
NGSS 1-LS1-2

Phenomenon: What do Criollo cows do to
help their calves survive in the
Chihuahuan Desert?




¡Criollo! - 3rd Grade Lesson
NGSS 3-LS4-2

Phenomenon: Certain types of cattle have
traits that provide advantages for survival
in the Chihuahuan Desert.


Precision Ranching
Precision Ranching - 9th - 12th Grade Lesson

Phenomenon: Precision Ranching (PR) tools are
new in rangeland management and may have many
strengths and weaknesses for this new use.
Discover these strengths and weaknesses and
determine ways in which they may be improved.

*minimal fee waived for class visits within an 80-mile radius of Las Cruces,
New Mexico during the duration of the USDA Grant (Fall 2019 - Fall 2024).


Asombro Field Trips

These lessons are available to any educator are able to make their own transportation arrangements to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
The field trip is available for a minimal fee.

The Land We Live On - 2nd/3rd
Grade Field Trip (The Rancher)
NGSS 2-ESS2-1 & 3-ESS3-1
Phenomenon: Wind and water can
change the shape of the land in many
ways, and different professions adapt to
this process in different ways.
     Conservation Research - 4th/5th
Grade Field Trip (Criollo: Desert Cattle)
Phenomenon: How can we use science to
protect wildlife and the environment?


Asombro Lessons Coming Soon

These lessons are currently in development and will soon be available as Asombro Anywhere lessons.

Don’t Fence Me In - 5th
Grade Lesson
Phenomenon: Can virtual fencing help
ranchers better manage their cattle and
rangeland while at the same time protect
Earth’s natural resources?

Studying Sustainability in the
- 9th to 12th Grade Lesson
Phenomenon: Determine if heritage
Raramuri Criollo cattle, precision ranching
technologies, or supply chain
modifications are effective strategies to
keep ranching and rangelands
ecologically and economically healthy as
climate and markets change.


To contact Asombro about scheduling a lesson or for additional information about any of
these programs contact Kelly. or (575) 524-3334