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Raramuri Criollo cattle

Searching for a Better Cow as Southwest Drought Persists

Reprint of an article first featured in Civil Eats, with new audio broadcast from Public News Service.

Down on the Farm

Are Criollo Cattle a Regenerative Solution to a 1,200-Year Megadrought?

This heritage breed has adapted to dry rangelands and may help regenerate the soil while needing less water and feed than other cattle. Ranchers in Southern California are helping them find a niche.

Down on the Farm

From Problem to Solution: Recycling Manure To Help Crops

"The question is what to do with the manure from livestock operations with surplus manure nutrients, and how to get it to farmland where it is needed most?" said Sheri Spiegal, an ARS rangeland management specialist in Las Cruces, NM.

Improving Rangeland Resilience in the Southwest Climate Hub
Improving Rangeland Resilience in the Southwest Climate Hub
Through research on novel strategies in cattle production, the Southwest Climate Hub is supporting ranchers in adjusting to meet the challenges of today.


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Science takes center stage at ’21 symposium
The conference center at Redlands Community College was all about science as students from county high schools showcased their research and discussed their findings as part of the BlueSTEM AgriLearning Center’s 2021 Agriscience Symposium.


Criollo-cross calves
Criollo-cross Calves Graze Texas-bred Wheat in New Mexico
This five-year project will analyze the Criollo crossing effects on profitability, efficiency, ecosystem, feed yard performance, and carcass and meat quality.

Criollo Crossbreed Cows
NMSU Researchers Explore Sustainable Southwest Beef Production
Sustainable beef production is a challenge in the semi-arid rangeland environments of the Southwest. Climate change may reduce the ability of these ecosystems to support herds of large-frame breeds that dominate the American cattle industry.

'In the Sun They'd Cook': Is the US South-West Getting Too Hot for Farm Animals?
As temperatures rise, farmers are being forced to adapt, experimenting with new breeds and cooling methods.

Belching Cows and Endless Feedlots: Fixing Cattle's Climate Issues
Sustainable SW Beef scientist Al Rotz featured in New York Times: “For the U.S., we’re probably not adding methane to the atmosphere” from livestock, Dr. Rotz said. “But you add more methane as you add more animals, as we are doing globally.”

Initiative attempts to revive interest in manure
A major challenge with manure is distributing it over long distances between where it is produced and where it is needed. American scientists say that is where the concept of manuresheds can help.

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NMSU to host July 30 webinar on marketing beef directly to consumers
Interest in direct marketing of beef to consumers has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the retail food supply chain.

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NMSU asks cattle producers to participate in bull management survey

New Mexico State University is participating in gathering information to help understand how producers make decision regarding their cattle operations.

Bob Diven Cartoon 2019
Bob Diven cartoon 2019

Editorial cartoon from Bob Diven

NMSU receives a grant to research sustainable beef production

NMSU received an $8.9 million grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to study ways to improve the sustainability of beef production in the Southwest.

New technology, old genetics meet on the range

New Mexico, Texas researchers seek economical, sustainable beef management practices.

Cattle Tracking Challenge Accepted: Connecting New Mexico Cows and Desert Ranches with Abeeway

Globally, there is a widening gap between the supply and demand for livestock products as consumption increases (particularly in developing regions) while productivity levels are dwindling. In order to address this disparity, ranchers all over the world have chosen to integrate cattle tracking and management systems into their operations.