Upcoming Events

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Sustainability Programs In Beef Supply Chains From Pasture To Plate - August 17th, 6:00-8:00 pm MDT. Register here

This webinar is intended as a learning opportunity for ranchers, feedlot operators, meat processors, retailers, and consumers. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of beef supply chains emanating from the Western US and incentives for conservation-oriented management in ranching links of the US beef supply chain. Presentations will cover supply chain research in the Sustainable Southwest Beef Project; the Ranch Systems and Viability Planning (RSVP) network of World Wildlife Fund, Walmart Foundation, Cargill, McDonald’s; McDonald’s beef sustainability program/initiatives; and a panel of ranchers who participate in sustainability-centered programs.


Curious About Cows: Engaging NGSS Lessons on Current Criollo Cattle Research (3rd Grade Teacher Workshop) - September 15th, 4:00-6:00 pm.  Apply here.

Cows may be common farm and ranch animals, but this workshop will help you go beyond the basics to learn how to bring current research on sustainable ranching into your classroom. Discover a heritage cattle breed that may be more sustainable in the dry conditions of the southwest, and meet the scientists studying them. Get training and access to a hands-on, NGSS-aligned 3rd-grade lesson developed by Asombro to bring this current research to your students. Participating teachers receive a $50 stipend and a class set of supplies so you can teach the lesson in your classroom. Plus, teachers in southern New Mexico can win a free classroom visit by Asombro educators in the fall.


Terrific Technologies for Ranching: Bring Sustainable Solutions into the Classroom (High School Science & Agriculture Teachers) - September 18th, 9:00 - 11:00 am.  Apply here.

How are scientists helping to imagine the future of beef production and make it more sustainable? In this workshop, you’ll meet and learn from scientists in the Sustainable Southwest Beef research project. They’re investigating heritage cattle (Raramuri Criollo) and cutting-edge technologies like cattle movement sensors, water sensors, and virtual fencing. In this workshop, you’ll receive training and access to NGSS-aligned activities developed by Asombro to bring this current research to your students. Participating teachers will also receive a $50 stipend and a classroom set of supplies.


For questions or more information about any of the upcoming webinars, please contact Skye Aney.